VIP Girlz Program

VIP  (Virtuous Intelligent Phenomenal) Girlz Dance and Leadership Program is designed to build self-confidence, leadership skills, and encourage sisterhood.  This program includes weekly hip hop dance classes, etiquette lessons, field trips, self-improvement workshops, and performances. Students’ ages 7-14 welcomed.

Requirements: All level dancers are welcomed. No dance experienced needed. Members must attend practice 1-2 day per week, have a positive attitude, purchase dance attire and monthly dues (Girls Only).

How much time is required?
Applicants should take a good look at their school and parents work schedule before making the decision to try-out for the VIP Girlz team. Fulfilling all responsibilities is not easy, but it can be done. Listed below is a rough estimate of the number of hours expected of team members throughout the year. This information is based on past years experiences and is subject to change.

What to expect? 

  • Practice 1-2 days a week to prepare for community events and special performances (approximately 2-4 hours per week).
  • Attend and perform at designated events and assist with fundraisers
  • When needed, attend additional evening and weekend practices for shows, competition, fundraisers, or appearances.

Are scholarships offered?

Yes,  Mokah awards 3-5 scholarships per year to eligible members. If interested, students must audition for consideration. Scholarship recipient must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average, have a positive attitude,  and participate in fundraisers. Dancers selected as Captains will also be eligible for a scholarship.

How many members can join the team?
Typically no more than 10-12 members can join the team per session.

How much does it cost to be on the team?
To participate a $35 monthly membership fee is required. Additional cost: Parents must also purchase all uniforms, duffel bag, team T-shirt, jacket, and tennis shoes for new members. If the team is selected to attend any type of competition or event, the team must cover travel expenses, hotel fees, and uniforms.  

If you would like to join VIP Girlz Dance Team  please call 678 835 8497 to schedule an audition