Single Mama Economics Workshop

Prior to finding my soulmate, I was a single mom with four children. Needless to say, being a single mom can be very difficult, and raising children can emotionally and financially draining. I remember days wishing I had someone I could trust and grow together with both financially and spiritually. Yet despite all the obstacles, I managed to obtain an Higher Education and began operating my own business in my early 20’s.

Since then, I have owned and operated several businesses, including an event promotions company, beauty salon, performing arts school, and the ‘United Group of Artists’ marketing and hip hop promotions company.  I earned an MS degree and now teach GED classes at Athens Tech.

Thus, I believe the cycle of poverty can be broken through education, entrepreneurship, good financial management and understanding economics.

Topics may include:

  • Money Management

  • What is Economics?

  • Break through the Glass ceiling

  • How to start your own business

  • Scholarships for Single Moms
  • Secret careers that bring in big bucks without a college degree

If you would like to offer this workshop at your place of business please fill out the contact form below:

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