Hip Hop History and Culture Impact on Modern Society

Hip-Hop represents much more than music. It is a culture, a lifestyle that has tremendously evolved since the late 70’s and has a strong influence on both children and adults. The Art of emceeing, break dancing, beat-making, and graffiti have given birth to hip hop superstars and entrepreneurs whom successfully transitioned from the Ghetto streets to Wall Street. Yet mainstream media and law enforcement agencies uses hip hop culture as a negative tool to racially profile and corporations continuously benefit from the selling of the Hip Hop lifestyle, while our youth are being imprisoned.

This workshop is designed to reveal the truth about Hip Hop culture, politics, and the prison for profit system. There is much more to Hip Hop than the negative imagery that is shown in mainstream media.

Topics include:

  • Hip Hop Music Timeline
  • 5 Elements of Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop Entrepreneurship
  • Women in Hip Hop
  • Become a Hip Hop Advocate

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